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Your home is the ultimate expression of you.

All the little details blog is where I share my favorite products, ideas and projects. I believe you can make your home completely inspiring and beautiful while at the same time totally liveable. I hope you find my adventures in design and decorating both approachable and exciting.

Whether one room or your entire home, I offer design packages to suit your specific needs. Consultations in-person with clients who are local (near the Frankfurt area) and also online where we communicate through email and messaging (E-design) are both possible. My goal is to demystify the design process and make styling your home both fun and so rewarding.

Nicole Varga is a Frankfurt-area-based interior designer and stylist. Her design philosophy is that the home is the ultimate expression of you. Interior design should have meaning, create atmosphere and add beauty and comfort to the ordinary. It’s not about creating a look out of a magazine, it’s about creating a space that feels like home.