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I really get into the seasons. It is now officially fall, so you can be sure I am embracing all the colorful leaves, the crisp, cool mornings and apple festivals galore. I love to collect leaves, go to pumpkin patches and apple farms. I love to make pumpkin soup, fig

I love plants and flowers. I adore hanging out in cozy outdoor spaces in the warmer months. But I'm going to be honest with you: our garden is not the most-looked after space at our house, and possibly the least. Neither my husband nor I have an innate knack for taking care

While my kids have been joyfully painting Easter eggs in all the usual candy colors, I have been doing a bit of my own egg decorating. I like to find ways to add seasonal decorations that fit seamlessly into my overall look in my home. I also love flowers, especially spring flowers,

Dark, moody walls are very much in trend right now. You may be thinking about adding some color to your walls but are intimidated to add so much drama all at once. My advice is to paint one wall, or even just one part of a wall, to make a major

I spent Sunday at the Ambiente Messe in Frankfurt with a dear friend and saw some beautiful and inspiring displays. I've selected my top five finds. Three are from already beloved Danish brands and two were new and exciting discoveries for me. 1. We immediately spotted this copper lamp from Danish interior