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You may have all the big pieces of furniture covered in a room, even added just the right rugs and window treatments, but then you notice it. The empty, lonely corner. Corners can be tricky areas but offer an opportunity to really add some style to your home. These are

If you've been following along with my previous posts about my home office, then you know that I've come up with a plan and now have  good idea of what I want to do to makeover the space. Although I now have an entire makeover strategy, I will be doing

We've been talking for the last couple of weeks about the design process as I go through the steps in redecorating my home office and today I want to show you an easy way to create a mood board. Mood boards are such a great way to help you visualise

I talked to you last week about my home office makeover and the 5 essential questions to ask yourself before you start on a project. Well today I'm going to talk about the next step in the design process: Creating a floor plan. After I have thought about what kind